10 #stayhome Activities at le Mas des Lecques

1. Sunbathe by the pool at Le Mas des Lecques

This is probably the one and only thing you really want to do during the lockdown, especially if you’ve been cooped up for the past 2 months.  Our pool has been designed in the sunniest location of our garden and the terrace gets sunshine until really late.  It’s the place to be! 

2. Take an online Yoga class

We have the sweetest yoga teacher, Laure Quinnepoix who’s studio is based in La Ciotat.  In the summer months she’s on holiday, but during the quarantine, she made the most adorable Youtube videos for us to participate in.  Her class is based on hatha yoga and you will feel totally rejuvenated at the end.

Feel free to pick up one of the yoga mats and plonk them on the terrace in front of the pool and have a go…

3. Go for a #stayhome walk within a 1km radius

In quarantine mode in France, you are allowed to go for a walk within a 1km radius from your place of residence.  Here is the map of where you can go…

– The beach

– A nice walk into the hinterland

– A trip to the next door winery “Domaine Maubernard”

– A trip to the bakery, food and veg stall and pizza place La Cave à Pizza

4. Chillout and Listen to our “Le Mas des Lecques” Playlist on Deezer

You’ll find an eclectic selection of lounge, funk, folk, dance music and all-time pop classics.  Just log on to our Le Mas des Lecques deezer playlist or stream the playlist from this website.  You’ll find portable sound systems all around the house to hook onto. Alternatively, you can put a vinyl on the record player and go back in time.

5. Order takeaway from some of our favorite restaurants

A lot of our friends are restaurant owners.  Sadly, this is going to be a tough time for them in the next coming months.  Support our locals by ordering takeaway.  The following take away shops prepare delicious food and respect the safety measures.


La Cave à Pizza 

2j Sushi

6. Play a board game

We’ve got so many board games, we can’t recall them all, but you’re bound to find your childhood favorite.  If not there are loads of packs of cards and chips for you to organise a game of poker! This is flukey, the book “Pandemia” next to the Pictionary box is totally fortuitous.

7. Get ripped

We’ve got all sorts of weights and bodybuilding equipment that you can use.  We’ve even got a punching bag!  We definitely recommend signing up to centr.com to help you with your personal workouts.  They have great trainers, super healthy recipes and even meditation sessions for kids and adults! 

8. Catch up on reading

You will find a ton of good reads in the bookshelves of Le Mas des Lecques.  From personal development, to the classics and modern litterature, you’ll find an interesting selection of reading in English and in French.

9. Bake, bake, bake

The AGA will love you back! Have a go at the recipes you’ve been longing to do, and never had time to prepare.  Check the Le Mas des Lecques blog for special recipes and our all time favorites (coming soon)

10. the last resort: Netflix & Amazon Prime

There probably isn’t anything you haven’t seen yet on Netflix… but at le Mas des Lecques, you can access Netflix & Amazon Prime from the smart TV.

Here is our selection of favorite series and films at the moment:


– Peaky Blinders 

– The OA

– Breaking Bad

– Better Call Saul

– Money Heist

– Brooklyn Nine Nine

– The IT crowd

– Messiah

– Black Mirror

– Stranger Things

– The Crown

– Narcos

– The Office

– Fleabag


– Wine Country

– Interstellar

– Unstoppable

– Burn after Reading

– Invictus

– Captain Phillips

– Didier

– La Cité de La Peur

– The two popes

– The Big Short


– Fyre

–  Cowspiracy

– Inside Bill’s Brain

– Formula1 : Drive to Survive

Which ones have you seen?  Comment below your favorite Netflix shows or films we should add to this collection…



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