How Le Mas des Lecques is Securing your Vacation and Taking Care of your Health during the COVID-19 Outbreak.

Since the coronavirus has arrived in our lives, we have  been filled with grief.  After a period of absolute anxiety, we have decided to let you know the steps we have taken to ensure a safe experience at Le Mas des Lecques

1. Our cancellation policy has changed

If you book your holiday via Airbnb, the Airbnb cancellation conditions will apply.  We cannot change them but remain at your disposal if you have any queries.  If there is another national lockdown, Airbnb will be taking care of your cancellation.

If you decide to book direct with us, we have changed our cancellation policy.  If the French government decrees a new national lockdown period (in the terms defined by the decree), we will refund you IN FULL your downpayment and any extra fees that were paid in advance.  

However, if you are booking from another country of residence, we really do recommend subscribing a travel insurance policy that would cover your expenses if your country were to be in total lockdown.  We cannot, unfortunately, foresee the evolution of the pandemic nor be dependent on the political decrees of your country of residence.  As a result, if your country goes into lockdown (and that France is open), we cannot refund your deposit but we will reimburse any extra fees (safety deposit and balance) so that you are not at a complete loss.  Again, we urge you to get a specific travel insurance policy that would cover these sorts of events. 

2. We would like to be as transparent as possible with regards to our cleaning and sanitization procedures. 

Your health and wellbeing is our priority.  This is why we have always applied the necessary hygiene procedures to avoid the propagation of germs and bacteria at every changeover.  Condisering the current events, we proceed with the following disinfections at every changeover: 

– disinfection of door knobs, faucets/taps, light switches, remote controls and joysticks. 

– disinfection of all surfaces such as tables, chairs, bannisters, bathrooms, toilets & floors

– washing of bed linen and towels at 60°C (and 90°C when possible)

– we open the doors and rooms so as to clear the air of the entire house and we disinfect the air with essential oils before you arrive

– we supply boxes of kleenex in every bedroom.


We hope this information will help you make a decision to visit with all the necessary questions answered.  We remain at your disposal if you have any further questions.


In the meantime, take care of your loved ones.


See you soon.



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