Check out the Webcam at Les Lecques

At last, Les Lecques has its own Webcam! We absolutely love the ocean, and in particular surfing.  It may come as a surprise, but it is possible to surf in the Med and we are so fortunate to be a … Read More

How Le Mas des Lecques is taking care of you and your health during the COVID-19 outbreak

How Le Mas des Lecques is Securing your Vacation and Taking Care of your Health during the COVID-19 Outbreak. Since the coronavirus has arrived in our lives, we have  been filled with grief.  After a period of absolute anxiety, we … Read More

10 Stayhome things to do at Le Mas des Lecques

10 #stayhome Activities at le Mas des Lecques 1. Sunbathe by the pool at Le Mas des Lecques This is probably the one and only thing you really want to do during the lockdown, especially if you’ve been cooped up … Read More

The pool is finally up and running!

The pool is finally up and running! Le Mas des Lecques is getting better by the day!  Hooray! We’re so excited to let you know that the pool at Le Mas des Lecques is finally up and running!  It’s taken … Read More

8 Slow-Life Things to do this Summer

Our all time favorite summer slow-life things to do (2020 update) We’re looking forward to the summer : it’s the time of the year we can kick our shoes off, meet up with friends, make the most of the looong … Read More

5 nature walks you shouldn’t miss

Don’t miss out on some of the most spectacular walks in the region. We’ve picked 5 of our favorite family-friendly walks in and around St Cyr sur Mer. … Read More

The pool is under construction!

We’ve been thinking about it for a few years now, and it’s finally happening! Our pool is being built. We’re very excited and despite the mud, the dust and the noise, our pool and landscaped garden is expected to be … Read More

Where to eat around Le Mas des Lecques

There are absolutely tons of restaurants and cafés to get a bite to eat in and around Les Lecques.  We’ve got our favorites and every year a new generation of venues pop up for our guests’ pleasure.  We’re not Tripadvisor … Read More