Check out the Webcam at Les Lecques

At last, Les Lecques has its own Webcam! We absolutely love the ocean, and in particular surfing.  It may come as a surprise, but it is possible to surf in the Med and we are so fortunate to be a … Read More

8 Slow-Life Things to do this Summer

Our all time favorite summer slow-life things to do (2020 update) We’re looking forward to the summer : it’s the time of the year we can kick our shoes off, meet up with friends, make the most of the looong … Read More

5 nature walks you shouldn’t miss

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Where to eat around Le Mas des Lecques

There are absolutely tons of restaurants and cafés to get a bite to eat in and around Les Lecques.  We’ve got our favorites and every year a new generation of venues pop up for our guests’ pleasure.  We’re not Tripadvisor … Read More